ROLSITs history

ROLSIT was established as a manufacturing company in 1996. In 2017, we moved from Slovakia to Bavory in the Czech Republic, where we are active now. Our production activities are focused on creative packaging materials for the automotive, textile and clothing industries, an important part of which is advertising, packaging and shopping bags adapted to the specific requirements of our customers. We produce a tailor-made graphic design that is sent to the client for approval, after which a sample is made and sent for final confirmation. Once the product has been approved, serial production is started. A team of thirty employees see to prompt production in quantities ranging from a thousand of items to large series. Our products are delivered all over Europe. 


Out of respect for the environment, we use eco-friendly materials such as coloured or clear LDPE, standard LDP, non-toxic PVC, unwoven fabric, cotton, BIO cotton with cerificate GOTS, percale and nylon. All these materials are certified to prove that they meet European quality standards. We are able to embroider or print your company logo on the packaging.




Advantages of shopping bags/packages of unwoven fabric, BIO cotton or cotton

+ long life

+ weight-carrying capacity

+ high quality

+ repeated advertising for your company

+ your own design

+ prompt delivery

+ hand made in Czech Republic

+ environmental protection

+ recyclable material


Stop polythene bags!

Did you know that this year a new law came into force that forbids the distribution of polythene bags for free? This ban on polythene bags follows on from an amendment to the Act of Packaging that brings the Czech Republic into line with other EU countries in which free polythene bags are now banned for environmental reasons. The amendment’s aim to prevent environmental pollution through use of plastic bags stems from the fact that every citizen uses an average 300 polythene bags a year although it takes 25 years for a polythene bag to decompose. Along with this measure, the Ministry of the Environment has started a campaign encouraging people to stop buying polythene bags and to take their own when they go shopping. For this purpose, linen bags with printed slogans such as Dont accept polythene, No waste no crackle and The end of the plastic have been designed and manufactured.

Let us help you design advertising/shopping bags of unwoven fabric or cotton that will serve your customers for their daily shopping while promoting your company for a minimal cost. A funny slogan next to your logo may make a deeper impression at far less expense than a mass billboard campaign. Moreover, such campaigns are time-limited, while a shopping bag of unwoven fabric or cotton will last forever.

Do not underestimate the impact of product packaging: it is the first step to addressing your customers :-)